Dentsu Jayme Syfu was tasked to create a TVC for the new product offering of the Belo Essentials family, all-natural Belo Baby. 

The client was so pleased with our proposals that they chose to release 2 concepts instead of 1. ‘Fairies’ went out as a 30s TVC aired nationwide (above) and 'Journey’ (below) as a digital film.

Along with the TVC and online film were 3 billboards I created for the campaign. Scarlet Belo was really very cute, smart and pretty. She was easy to work with during the photoshoot and we had about 8 outfit changes! It was tough choosing the best photo to feature in the billboards.

Client: Intelligent Skincare Inc. | Agency: Dentsu Jayme Syfu | Credits: Merlee Jayme (Chief Creative Officer/Copywriter), Dee Taar-Reyes (Art Director and FA Artist for billboards), Ina Vargas-Sambrano (Account Director), Ronald Barreiro (Account Lead), Clayshop (Production House), August Lyle Espino (Director), Butch Tayao (Producer), Sophia Genato (Photographer)

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