For a brand claiming to protect clothes from fading, Electrolux, a washing machine brand faced the threat of fading away from consumers’ minds across key markets in the region. So we took a bold stand – while any brand can wash clothes, only Electrolux can be trusted with fashion. Instead of following the functionality- and price-driven communication norms of the white goods category, we spoke to our consumers in a way that no laundry brand had ever done before all through the power of social and content.


Client: Electrolux FabricCare | Agency: Social@Ogilvy | Credits: Rika Sharma (Managing Partner), Mark Bown (Creative Director), Ritika Verma (Planning Director), Lukas Snioka (Strategist), Roza Ramlan (Account Manager), Andrew Boggs (Business Director), Satyen Rao (Content Strategist), Dee Reyes (Art Director), Melissa Ho (Art Director), Winona Wee (Copywriter)

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