Dreaming big starts from small things. We featured 5 SME entrepreneurs and the products and stories that grew their business. 

An art direction challenge, production was a learning experience both on my part and the production team (my husband and his colleagues). In the end, we managed to find a solution to my vision.

These went out as print ads and billboards across the country.

Client : PLDT SME | Agency: Dentsu Jayme Syfu | Credits: Jerry Hizon (ECD), Dee Taar-Reyes (Art Director, FA), Gian Nealega (Copywriter), Benci Vidanes (FA), Ronald Barreiro (Accounts Lead), Fin Neric-Tumusok (Account Director), Regina Villegas (Account Executive), Sheila Villanueva (Print Producer), Pinoy Reyes (CG)

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